you have to admit, he means no harm.

Elephant Mom

this picture i drew looked kind of eerie to me. something about the woman's right arm reminded me of John Merrick and brought back childhood fears of deformities and specifically those portrayed in the David Lynch film "The Elephant Man," which I saw with my parents when I was a little boy.

I have since come to love that film as one of my favorites and in the process have somewhat reconciled my former fears of deformed peoples. Though I must admit that my first impression of this woman (not knowing her personality or the quality of her soul) invokes fear and probably misunderstanding as to her her true nature.

sun burned and weary Reed is unsure of his next move. he's been standing at this fork in the desert road for seven hours. it's hot and there are no trees for shade. all he has is his empty canteen and the fading hope that someone will come along and make the decision for him.


it's important to practice your skills and work on improving yourself. the talents that we've been given are not to be squandered or burried in the ground because of doubt, fear, or insecurities.
it's alright to make mistakes.

modes of communication part 1

Eugene's Ideas


Breakfast is actually for me one of the best times in a day. I love eating breakfast at the table with my family or alone. The day is filled with such great promise and opportunity.

But wouldn't it be sad if you sat down to breakfast and started crying and couldn't stop?



No, I don't know why my parents named me Jibby. And yes it does annoy me that when people ask me my name and I say, "Jibby," they think I'm saying Jimmy but with a cold. But I have a good life so I'm not complaining.


I work in sales. Will you welcome me into your home please. I need you to be my friend.

the scariest man i've ever known

Rogue 1

Rogues 2-6

these guys are bad guys.


the most important thing is to try

dad is that you?


Silent Monks


doon's friend



Prep chemist

trying again

Woody Allen's Snowman

test 1



this really happened.